Building a Hurdy Gurdy

Story of a hurdy gurdy - Baptiste Schieberlein


Final assembling

Hello everybody! To continue my last post here is the hurdy-gurdy after 8 coats of French polish and 1 final coat of preserving polish called “popote” in France. I then started to assemble the hurdy-gurdy. In order to do that you have to remove the varnish from the places where the pieces are glued together! I started with the head. I put some masking tape in order to delimit the place where to scrap the varnish.

Building the pegbox and stating the varnish

Hi everybody! Today we will see how I made the head and also the start of the French polish! But before starting let me introduce you a newcomer at my home: A Kity 613 band-saw that I will use from now on Let’s start with the head. I took a wood cut of 150*100*100mm. I hollow out the bottom of the head with a circular saw (I didn’t took pictures while doing it because I didn’t do it at home).