Building a Hurdy Gurdy

Story of a hurdy gurdy - Baptiste Schieberlein

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Before starting

p>Some news before the real start :

- the wood order has been placed last week => The wood should arrived at the end of the month :D

-  I've made about 20 spool clamps like these  :

- I've made some cutting tests, with a router (and a compas), of the hurdy gurdy wheel in some cheap plywood. Results are quite good, the wheel is perfectly round. But the cheap plywood is not good enough in order to have a clean cup. For the final wheel I ordered some good quality birch plywood. I have enough plywood in order to make about 3 or 4 wheels so I can make a test next week.

I will try to put some pictures of the clamps and of the wheel test !

See you soon !