Building a Hurdy Gurdy

Story of a hurdy gurdy - Baptiste Schieberlein

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Cutting the soundholes and gluing the pegbox

Hello everybody! Some update about the progress of the project! Firstly I had to sand, sand, and … the top of the soundbox in order to be able to glue the soundboard. To be able to sand the support bars I used a spirit level (very straight base). I taped a piece of sanding paper on the base. Besides, I can only recommend you the sandpaper sold by Dictum in 25m rolls!

Strap buttons, wheel axis and support bars

Hello everybody ! The last achievements of the weekend and yesterday evening : To start this article, I wanted to make a small metal turning test on a “home-made” lathe (a drill placed in a bench vise and some files). I wanted to make some custom screw that will hold the bourdons (on the bourdons’ bridge) and that make the bridge (and the pressure of the bourdon on the wheel) adjustable !

Gluing sides with the back

Hi, After a long Easter weekend I’m back with the last achievements. Here is the back with the lower bridges once glued : I started by gluing the wood piece (on the pegbox side) piece with the 2 lateral sides : Once it’s dried ! Here I’m cutting (into some spare parts used for making the sides) some 1cm wide strips in order to do the lower linings !

Gluing sides and lower support bars

Hi, These last 2 days I did a lot of gluing ! At first I glued the wood blocs which are in the corners of the soundbox with the sides : While it was drying, I took the opportunity to cut the back (and as always I left 3-4 mm of margin) : The back once cut : Drawing of the lower support bars’ locations : I putted them into place and then I glued them on the back : The following day I glued the lateral sides with the front side : And at last I glued against the front side the tail block (a wood block that will support the tailpiece and where the axis of the wheel will go through) : See you soon !

Bending sides

Hello, These last days I worked on the bending of the hurdy-gurdy sides ! First I built a home-made bending iron! A few recycled pieces of chipboard, a steel pipe and a blow torch. It’s working nicely but you have to be careful to put the blow torch at the minimum otherwise it will burn the wood. I started with the front side. I cut it with a margin of 3 mm !

Making a mould and preparing the sound box

Hi, This week I built a mould and started to prepare some wood pieces for the sound box. Cutting of the top part of the mould in some chipwood. I left a margin of about 2-3mm : I glued my blueprint on top of the piece and I took out the 2 mm excess with a rasp : For the lower part I also cutted it and I left a 5mm margin.

Gluing the soundboard

Hi, First here are 2 pictures of the back once glued : Yesterday evening, as I was already running into the project, I took the opportunity to glue the 2 spruce pieces of the soundboard. Here are pictures of the 2 pieces : I started by making the top sides completely straight. And as for the back I started with a plane against a piece of straight plywood and then I finished with a small plane.

The project starts - Gluing the back

Hello everybody ! First here is a picture of the clamps I was telling you about in the last post : (You can click on pictures to get a bigger version) Big news : the wood has arrived this Saturday morning : I haven't (yet) some huge machines so I ordered the wood already cut to the right thickness !