Building a Hurdy Gurdy

Story of a hurdy gurdy - Baptiste Schieberlein

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At last a video of my hurdy gurdy !

As promised since a few month, I’m finally posting a video of my hurdy-gurdy :

Final assembling

Hello everybody! To continue my last post here is the hurdy-gurdy after 8 coats of French polish and 1 final coat of preserving polish called “popote” in France. I then started to assemble the hurdy-gurdy. In order to do that you have to remove the varnish from the places where the pieces are glued together! I started with the head. I put some masking tape in order to delimit the place where to scrap the varnish.

Building the pegbox and stating the varnish

Hi everybody! Today we will see how I made the head and also the start of the French polish! But before starting let me introduce you a newcomer at my home: A Kity 613 band-saw that I will use from now on Let’s start with the head. I took a wood cut of 150*100*100mm. I hollow out the bottom of the head with a circular saw (I didn’t took pictures while doing it because I didn’t do it at home).

Building the keyboard - part 2

Hello everybody! I didn’t post for quite some time, although I made a lot of progress! This post will then be little longer but less detailed than the other. Let’s continue with the keyboard! I have made a slot where a small wood piece will be put in order to support the¬†melody strings’ bridges: I also cut the front of the keyboard: Here are all the pieces of the keyboard before assembling and gluing them:

Building the keyboard - part 1

Hello everybody ! After a month and a half where I didn’t had a minute for myself, I can now continue the project! I started to work on the hurdy-gurdy keyboard! I ordered two guide cut by laser. Here is one with also one of the sides of the keyboard : I tapped the guides and the sides of the keyboard together with double-side tape : I drilled holes using the guide: After that I took some small rasps and files in order to make rectangular holes from the ones I drilled.